Postdoctoral Fellows

Availability of these positions fluctuates as a function of funding. Two positions are presently available in the area of cerebral hemodynamics and aneurysms.  Please contact Dr. Jiménez if interested.

Graduate Students

​Graduate students can join our laboratory once accepted to the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) or Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB) program. Once you have been accepted to one of these programs reach out to Dr. Jiménez.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students play an important role in our work and are encouraged to apply at any point throughout the year.

  1. The work that we do is highly interdisciplinary; therefore courses in engineering, physics and biology are highly encouraged.  Courses you should enroll in:
    1. Bio 151 Introductory Biology I
    2. MIE 597/697CM Connections in Medicine, Biology and Engineering
  2. Courses strongly encouraged to take:
    1. BIO 285 Cellular & Molecular Biology -OR- BIOCHEM  275 - Molecular Biology
    2. MOLCLBIO/BIOCHEM 642 Advanced Molecular Biology
    3. BIO 559--Cellular & Molecular Biology II
    4. ChemE 220 Chemical Engineering Principles of Biological Systems
    5. ChemE 590 Microfluidics and Microscale Analysis in Materials and Biology
    6. ChemE 597D - Nanostructured Biomaterials
    7. ChemE 575 - Tissue Engineering
    8. MIE 597/697CM Connections in Medicine, Biology and Engineering
    9. MIE 597MB Orthopaedic Biomechanics
    10. MIE 597T Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Biomechanics
    11. MIE 340 Fluid Mechanics I
    12. MIE 607 Adv Fluid Mechanics
    13. MIE 707 Viscous Fluids
    14. MCB seminar series
    15. Sign up for journal clubs
  3. During the academic semester students can receive credit for their work via independent study mechanisms, capstone thesis research projects or volunteer basis.
  4. During the summer period students can work as volunteers or secure funding from internal UMass sources (Honors College, College of Engineering, etc.) or external ( NSF, etc.).
  5. Maintain a 3.3 (B+) > GPA.
  6. Contact Dr. Jiménez via email and include:
    1. Updated CV or résumé
    2. ½ page description of your interests in joining our group
    3. Short statement describing availability from now until graduation and willingness to work at least 10 hours per week.